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Capturing the right audience

PPC is a form of paid advertising where when someone clicks on your advert you will pay a small fee. It is an extremely effective way of generating traffic to your website through your chosen keywords. 

Our team has a wealth of experience in PPC Advertising and follow a detailed approach to enable the best results for our clients.

Google ads

Turning visitors into leads through the understanding of your business and your audience.


Allowing us to look at previous campaigns and target leads who showed who already showed an interest.

Paid Social

Simply, Paid Social allows us to target customers based upon their demographics.

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Google Ads

We use Google Ads in order for your brand to be more effective in turning visitors into leads. We do this by gaining a thorough understanding of your business as well as your customer.

This enables us to build a campaign which targets exactly who you want to be targeted as well as acting as an arm of your business due to the knowledge of what you do. By doing this we see impressive results of leads to conversions.


Retargeting allows us to look at previous campaigns and target previous leads who showed an interest however did not turn into conversions.

Why do we do this? Traditionally Retargeting Ads have a higher CTR than your usually display Ads. Along with this, by targeting those who have shown a previous interest it increases the likelihood of them converting.

  • Data Analysis
  • Audience
  • Keywords
  • Dynamic Search Ads

Social Advertising

Simply, Paid Social allows us to target customers based upon their demographics.

When running a Paid Social campaign, the most important aspect for us is to understand the ideal persona of those you want to target. We will research your customer and come up with the ideal persona to maximise the probability of conversion.

Social Ads are guaranteed to reach the feeds of your target audience, whereas organic social content may get lost in the feeds amongst everything else.

Social Ads can also fit any budget, so whether you are looking to pinch pennies or have a sizeable budget then you are still able to target those who matter most and you will only be charged if they take the actions you want them to take.

Social Ads is the perfect to target the niche audience you want to go after at a discounted rate and our Paid Search team have the experience and tools to deliver.


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